My new album
Always yours, never mine
is finished!

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I've also had my first sologig at Kafé Schmäck and the next one will be at Hamnmagasinet, Dec 17th.


Once again a new website. This time I divided my old website in two, one for my music stuff and one for my design. Be sure to visit both of them! Go to design >>>

I've also completed the recordings of my new album. My first one with only swedish lyrics!

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After being extreamly productive for a couple of months I've now recorded 6 swedish songs and 2 english. My focus right now is to write more swedish songs but my inspiration have taken a break I think.... Hopefully that'll change soon.

I've also recorded 3 songs with my band Curlew. If you want to listen to them go to Curlews myspace >>>


My fifth album is finally finished. I acctually managed to get it done before christmas! I've already started on my next project, an album with songs written in swedish. I'll keep you updated on how that goes...